Be Happy, Forget the Drama!

Other people would say that happiness is a puzzle that is very difficult to solve. Some would even compare it to a treasure—simply hard to find. But no matter how people tell you that happiness is complicated, or that it is elusive, you should never forget that happiness is not a complex thing. Rather, it is something you can achieve through simple ways.

Being happy is a choice, it is never a fate or destiny. The decision to be happy is always in your hands. One significant example of this is the people you spend time with. If they exude that vibrant, happy aura, you will surely be influenced by these people. You will realize that you are now smiling at little things and laughing over funny jokes. Even the slightest of other people’s kindness can make you joyful. Isn’t it wonderful to spend time with this kind of people?

On the other hand, there are also people who give off that negative vibe. These are the pessimists. Instead of spending time appreciating good and beautiful things, they spend time complaining, finding fault in every little thing. They frown at the slightest mistake, fret over simple matters and get frustrated easily. The mere act of being with them robs you the chance of being happy. It makes you feel one of them—anti-happiness, anti-fulfillment.

What should you do apart from complaining?

If you are the one who keeps on complaining and fretting, it is time to reevaluate your life. Remember that those people you complain to also have their own problems, but they do not spend the entire time ranting about those. Instead, they go on with their life, with much hope that today is going to be better. So, if you still want to complain, think about those who have nothing to eat, those who do not have a home, or those who cannot see. In one way or another, you are still lucky. So stop complaining and look at the other side of the story.

As there are always two sides of the story, why don’t you focus on the brighter side of things? Complaining won’t change a thing, but positive thinking can attract good outcome. Complaining turns into misery, while this misery is being absorbed by the people around you.

If you have friends who keep on fretting every single time you meet, it is time that you do something for yourself. If you want to be happy, surround yourself with positive individuals who can attract good vibes. After all, life is not a soap opera. You are not on television, so there is no reason for you to put drama even at the most little things.

Start being happy now!

Every person deserves to be happy, and your choice when to start happiness depends only on you. Spend time with fulfilled people, it has been guaranteed to transmit and infect you with your much deserved happiness. Stay away from those who have nothing to do but to talk about their problems, their misery. If you think of it, it is just the person who aggravates the situation.

Start being happy today. You need not wait for the right timing or solve a puzzle, because all this time, you have always had the happiness inside you. Let it out and share it.

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