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Since 2006, Alexander has built a successful online business through his websites. Over the years, he has refined his custom authority niche website system (Prestige Legacy) and sales funnel system (Prestige Funnel) that have helped thousands monetize their passion, earn passive income online and live the dot com lifestyle.
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Prestige Legacy

I’ll Create Cash-Generating, PREMIUM Custom Authority Niche Websites For You So That You Can Generate A Six-figure Income Lightning Fast!

The Best Part Is… You Won’t Have To Lift A Single Finger As ALL The Grunt Work Will Be Done For YOU.

Step: 1

Sit Back, Relax And Get Your Money-Making, High-Quality Custom Niche Websites Done For You.

Step: 2

Launch Them And Start Generating No-effort Income….. Every single month.

Step: 3

Create your niche EMPIRE And Reach The SIX-FIGURE mark in record time! Get it Now.

From the laptop of: Alexander (Owner of Prestige Legacy)

Subject: FINALLY – Start Making Money TODAY With Premium, High-converting Authority Niche Sites!

Dear Entrepreneur,

It’s no secret that in order to make a KILLING you need to deploy monetized authority niche websites.

Because the truth is…

With just a few of these websites you can start generating passive income month after month in no time.

But, here’s the main problem that you’re facing right now:

Authority niche websites take TOO MUCH time to create and the process is just overwhelmingly tedious, boring and exremely technical.

Do you have time for all of this?

• Researching the niche you wish to enter

• Doing keyword research

• Installing WordPress

• Installing plugins

• Writing TONS of great content yourself…(the most boring part of all)

• Scouting the internet for quality royalty free images

• Adding link, after link, after link…

• Writing and adding legal pages

• Adding affiliate products

• Doing proper on-page SEO

• Etc…

Most probably you don’t, right?

Look, unless you have TONS of time in your hands, creating niche websites is a gigantic, unending task.

But, what if I told you that I could take care of all that for you…

…While you sit back back and relax?


Get Your Very Own Custom, Professional And Mind-blowing Authority-Niche Websites That Will Allow You To Generate Comfortable, No-Effort Revenue… Every Single Month… Guaranteed.

Lucky for you, I’ve got you covered.

Me and my professional team of highy-skilled developers, talented writers and impressive graphic designers have been cranking out-of-this-world, money-making niche websites for TONS of happy clients who are now enjoying a genuine, life-saving income…without having to make ANY effort.

And now, I’d like to help YOU finally achieve the same results…

Without you doing any work at all!

That’s right.

You’ll have a professional, dedicated team working for you 24/7, so that you can enjoy custom-niche websites that will bring home the bacon…

Every month!

What I am going to introduce to you next is going to transform your financial life…


Exclusive Custom-Made Authority- Niche Sites Service By Prestige Legacy

Now, allow me to proudly introduce you to…

This is one-of-kind, affordable authority-niche website service that you won’t find anywhere else…

Finally you can get eye-catching and HIGH-CONVERTING niche websites that you can be proud of.

And not only that, but these authority-niche websites will start bringing in commissions as soon as you launch them!

This is what you’ll getting today if you work hand-in-hand with me:



I’ll build you niche websites in one of the most versatile and robust platforms there is that will simply OOZE cash!


My team of skilled writers will put pen to paper and create 10 quality articles that your readers will simply LOVE (and you will too.)


These images will make your authority niche website look IMPRESSIVE and will make a positive impact on your readers.


Once we’ve done the hard work and created your unique, cash-inducing authority-niche website you’ll get full control and ownership. That means that you can access your website anytime and change whatever you want. All graphics, content, plugins and theme will be YOURS.


The 5-star website that you’ll get will have perfect on-page SEO so that you can start generating FREE traffic… and transform that traffic into sales or comissions.


If you’re a fan of Clickbank, Amazon Associates or Adsense then you’ll totally dig this. Just paste your affiliate links and you’re ready to cash in.


You can get the right to flip your authority niche website and make cash from it. This is the beauty of this service… you can make money passively or just do a quick flip and cash in.


I’ll take care of you and offer you a customer service that you cannot find anywhere else. I’ll keep you updated and inform you how the process is going!

Clients Are RAVING About This Awesome Service… Look At What They Say!

“What more do I have to say? Prestige Legacy is impressive in my opinion. Their communication is swift, responsive and accurate. The website that they have built for me is gorgeous and perfect. I would have easily purchased 10 of the Prestige Gold Packages because the custom authority niche websites built by Prestige Legacy are so good and awesome! The website I have purchased from them has created another stream of passive income for me in the long run. Go for Prestige Gold Package! Highly recommended!”

Regan McCook

“Prestige Legacy is a Godsend. I bought the Prestige Gold Package and my website is up and running within 3 weeks. The look and feel of the site is brilliantly designed and the content in the site are superbly well-written. I have started earning $4000 per month in the third month and I have never look back ever since. I am extremely impressed by the after-sale support as well. Two thumbs up!”

Kimberly Foster

“If you’re serious about making this year your best year online, work with Alexander. This guy knows how to build a profitable business quickly. Just take a look at all of those recurring payments coming into his account. I'm happy I listened to what Alexander has taught me because now I've also got plenty of those recurring payments in my paypal account. Not only is Alexander a great guy but he's going to help a lot of others replicate his success fast...Make sure you're one of those people!”

Jennifer Barrett

“Alexander is good. I personally witnessed his recent list building success and it's amazing how quickly and effectively he reaches his goals. If you want a priority lane to success yourself - this is a lifetime opportunity for you. He knows his stuff. I'd grab this Prestige Gold Package offer and run.”

Joseph Perry

“Alexander. Knows. His. Stuff. Seriously. I met the guy only a couple months ago and he is already killin' it, just look at his numbers. I highly recommend buying Prestige Gold Package, you won't be disappointed.”

Janice Ross

“Well, as you already saw my picture on his sales page.. what more can i say? He is the real deal.. and those numbers he showed you.. added up..i think this month.. i will hit around $5k - $6k.. I don't think i will need to add anything else..except THANKS MAN!”

Amy Hudson

“Thank you Alexander for offering an amazing opportunity like this to anyone who is serious about starting a business online. The best decision I made was investing in Prestige Gold Package. Prestige Gold Package really rocks !!!!!”

Rachel Hicks

“Alexander really does know his stuff! Top bloke and he's genuine with it If you aren't prepared to invest a paltry $3,997.00, totally risk free, for the opportunity to start a straightforward, profitable business then you won't ever get ahead in this game.”

Rachel Hicks

“If you guys are serious about taking your online business to the next level, then I highly recommend you take on the Prestige Gold Package offer here! We all need mentors and guidance in this tough place called the Internet. Like Alexander mentioned, even Alex Jeffreys and Frank Kern had mentors to get them where they are now. So if you want consistent money from your online efforts month after month, then Alexander is your guy! Buy Prestige Gold Package and get started right now!”

Madison King

“Many people say that Internet is infested with scammers who are chasing your money and wanna get rich off your back. I find this to be false... Here's why... Over the years I leaned there's very few scammers, mostly it's the case of 'blind leading the blind' Incompetent 'experts' trying to show up in the marketplace with false credibility. They end up winging it instead of coaching to a proven system. Why am I telling you this? Because Alexander is very good at creating systems. This means he can take anyone no matter how incompetent and get them results very fast. Showing up as a true expert who practices what he preaches Alexander gets two thumbs up from me!”

Jeremy Mason

Want To See Some Exciting Examples Of The Custom Authority Websites That I Can Create For You? Here You Go…

To Summarize, This Is What You’re Getting TODAY:

Don’t Worry About The Price… You Don’t Need To Break The Piggy Bank In Order To Start Making No-Effort Income With Your New Profit-Inducing Niche-Authority Sites!

  • I know that usually quality comes at a price.
  • You pay peanuts, you get monkeys, as the saying goes…
  • But, you see, I want to offer you this 5-star service at a price that will make you laugh.
  • In fact, I made it VERY affordable so that EVERYONE (even broke newbies) can benefit and have their money-making authority websites making money for them!
  • Below you’ll find a price table where you can select the package that’s most convenient for you!
  • You have to admit that these prices are ROCK-BOTTOM and, it goes without saying, affordable.

Choose Your Package NOW And Start Making Money TODAY!


  • Niche Research
  • Keyword Research
  • Domain Research
  • Website Design & Development
  • Unique Content Creation
  • Plugins Configuration & Optimisation
  • Monetisation with ClickBank, Amazon Associate & Google Adsense
  • On-Page SEO-Optimisation
  • No Off-Page SEO-Optimisation


  • Niche Research
  • Keyword Research
  • Domain Research
  • Website Design & Development
  • Unique Content Creation
  • Plugins Configuration & Optimisation
  • Monetisation with ClickBank, Amazon Associate & Google Adsense
  • On-Page SEO-Optimisation
  • 1-Month Off-Page SEO-Optimisation


  • Niche Research
  • Keyword Research
  • Domain Research
  • Website Design & Development
  • Unique Content Creation
  • Plugins Configuration & Optimisation
  • Monetisation with ClickBank, Amazon Associate & Google Adsense
  • On-Page SEO-Optimisation
  • 3-Month Off-Page SEO-Optimisation


  • Niche Research
  • Keyword Research
  • Domain Research
  • Website Design & Development
  • Unique Content Creation
  • Plugins Configuration & Optimisation
  • Monetisation with ClickBank, Amazon Associate & Google Adsense
  • On-Page SEO-Optimisation
  • 6-Month Off-Page SEO-Optimisation

There’s no reason you can’t achieve a monthly, no-effort income.

With my top-notch, incredible, niche-authority site service you can finally achieve a six-figure income lightning fast and much more importantly..

You won’t have to do all the hard work by yourself.

It will all be done for you, while you do nothing.

Seriously, it can’t get better than this!

>>Choose your package NOW and let’s start working together!<<

You won’t regret it!

Oh, one last thing…

I’m always reachable, so if you want to contact me you can do it by email:

[Click Here To Email Me]

Thanks for reading,

Alexander From Prestige Legacy.