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Positive Self Image: A Way to Happiness

For some people, finding success and happiness has turned out to be elusive. Some have even searched the world to find out what will make them happy, while others have searched for answers on what real happiness is. What you must know is that there is happiness inside you waiting to be rediscovered and to be shared. 

No one said life was going to be an easy journey, but if you think about it, you will realize that if you stress yourself out searching for happiness, it will only seem more elusive. Happy people will tell you that happiness is just around the corner. But really, where do you begin searching?

Happiness comes from within. You should be the one to determine what can give you that sense of fulfillment. One important truth that you should always keep in mind is the role of self-image and self-acceptance. You know yourself best. There is thus no way other people can put you down!

Here are some suggestions on how to build a positive self-image and how to use it as a way to pursue happiness:

  • Be nice to yourself. Stop putting yourself down just because you cannot fit in a pair of branded skinny jeans, or just because you have frizzy hair, or just because you are not tall enough to be a model. You can always improve yourself in aspects that you think need improvement, but to critique yourself and to compare yourself with other people is unnecessary. Create a positive image by focusing on your strengths and not on the things that you cannot change. If you cannot be a model, so be it. Love your body, and show your confidence! 
  • Turn negative comments into encouragement. If you keep on hearing the same negative comments, do not let this affect you. Remember that people cannot dictate how you perceive their judgment. In the end, you have to show the world that it is okay to receive these types of comments. Make sure that this criticism does not harm you and your self-esteem. 
  • Avoid false modesty. If someone gives you compliment or tells you good things, do not be shy to say a simple “thank you.” This creates a big impact, especially on the person who gave you the compliment. You should get over the habit of denying or not accepting a nice remark. In doing so, you show your gratefulness and your appreciation by wholeheartedly thanking the person. Once you are able to be more open in accepting that you are worthy of these compliments, you can be happier and feel lighter about things around you.
  • Trust yourself. Give credit to yourself by showing other people that you can do more. You are capable of doing great things. Do not forget how you have positively impacted other people and how you have changed the lives of others. Undoubtedly, you have left a mark on many of the people you have met throughout your life. You have your worth – the only thing you have to do is trust yourself that you are more than what you think you are.
  • Complain less! After you have established the fact that you are a worthy person, the next step is to face the truth: no one is perfect. If you keep on looking for perfection, happiness will really be elusive. It is a whirlwind journey of searching for significant things, but if you make your search complicated, there is a higher risk that you will tend to overlook happiness. 

These are just some of the things you can do to create a positive self-image. When you are able to overcome your hesitations about yourself and accept every beautiful part of you, you are now guaranteed to be on your way to happiness and fulfillment.


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