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Since 2006, Alexander has built a successful online business through his websites. Over the years, he has refined his custom authority niche website system (Prestige Legacy) and sales funnel system (Prestige Funnel) that have helped thousands monetize their passion, earn passive income online and live the dot com lifestyle.
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Are You Being Pushed By The Right Buttons?

Just what does it take to have a Millionaire Mind? When athletes begin conditioning their bodies for a marathon, they take this process very seriously. They do it for the ultimate goal: victory. In the same way, attaining a millionaire mind is like training for a marathon—you condition your mind for the long haul and you commit yourself to move towards this specified direction. It’s not something we do on a whim, nor is it something we do only when we feel like it. The truth is that this process encompasses our lives.

However, admittedly, there will be high and low seasons—but whether we peak or we dip, there will always be something that will push us to go on, to keep moving. Whatever that motivator is, it will be the make-or-break factor that will determine the outcome of our movements, of how far we will really be able to go.

You want to know what the right button to push is? That’s right, it’s our motivations. These are the sole reasons behind everything that we do. And these sole reasons, simply put, can either be good or bad, positive or negative. And while these two ends of the spectrum can both be successful in pushing us to the limit, the real concern should be what condition you will be in once you arrive at your destination, using that motivation.

There are people who are fuelled by negative energy with the end goal of earning money and are able to do so because of this push—however, they will have done so out of, for instance, anger or bitterness toward a person, or an effort to defy the rules and rebel. However, because of these negative emotions, they try to rid themselves of what they get, and so they end up back at base one: both bitter or angry and penniless.

Others, on the other hand, are afraid of being left with no money, or that they will never have enough of it. This distracts their focus from other aspects of their life, thus affecting their emotional, physical, even spiritual state.

While there is some use to fear (it can be pretty effective in making us move faster to get things accomplished sooner), imaginary pain (which is rooted in negative condition that triggers all sorts of negative emotions) becomes more of a hurdle or a barrier to happiness rather than a help or a good source of inspiration or motivation.

Try Joy and Purpose

Two things to try having in your life are joy and purpose. What will happen if you are actually enjoying what you are doing? What about if you were trying to do something that was beyond your own self-satisfaction?

If joy and purpose are not what fuels you, then you will not go as far. Sure, you’ll be happy and successful here and there, and in occasional spurts, but ultimately, all these will just make you a stressed-out and burned-out person. You can attain a certain level of productivity, but your physical, mental and emotional well being will not benefit from it in the long haul.

Not even money will work in reducing the fear or anger you will feel from negative conditioning, because what you need to work on is the anger or the fear itself to move forward properly. Change what drives you! So you want to be rich, and you want to be happy—then don’t push the wrong buttons.

If you really want to be financially successful, learn how to root yourself in the right soil. Push the right buttons to inspire you. Choose the buttons that really make you joyful. What are these things that we are talking about? It’s now your turn to speak!


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