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Since 2006, Alexander has built a successful online business through his websites. Over the years, he has refined his custom authority niche website system (Prestige Legacy) and sales funnel system (Prestige Funnel) that have helped thousands monetize their passion, earn passive income online and live the dot com lifestyle.
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Positive Self Image: A Way to Happiness

For some people, finding success and happiness has turned out to be elusive. Some have even searched the world to find out what will make them happy, while others have searched for answers on what real happiness is. What you must know is that there is happiness inside you waiting to be rediscovered and to […]

The Power of Words and Communication

Words have acquired their power all throughout the generations. No matter how many words get added up in the dictionary, words never lose its power. Powerful as always, words can be used to influence people, to create an impact, to make an impression. You use words in encouraging people to believe in your cause, you […]

The Equation of Giving and Receiving

The adage “It’s better to give than to receive” has withstood time and generations. It has been influential to us in our decision-making and in our way of dealing with people. Admit it, at one point in your life, this has been your mantra, a way of life that you have practiced. It is normal; […]

Ignite the Passion Inside You

Work is one significant aspect of a person’s life. It is either you to go work everyday or you got no work at all. Some have even developed obsession to work, some would do everything just to bag a good-paying job. All of us want to be successful in whatever field we have chosen. Look […]

Be Happy, Forget the Drama!

Other people would say that happiness is a puzzle that is very difficult to solve. Some would even compare it to a treasure—simply hard to find. But no matter how people tell you that happiness is complicated, or that it is elusive, you should never forget that happiness is not a complex thing. Rather, it […]

Are You Being Pushed By The Right Buttons?

Just what does it take to have a Millionaire Mind? When athletes begin conditioning their bodies for a marathon, they take this process very seriously. They do it for the ultimate goal: victory. In the same way, attaining a millionaire mind is like training for a marathon—you condition your mind for the long haul and […]

Using the 80/20 Rule to Radically Alter Your Life Path

Our lives as human beings are driven primarily by things called inputs and outputs – things we acquire which other people have made or produced (inputs) and things which we create and give out to other people (outputs). We need a complete supply of these inputs and outputs in order to survive and help other […]

T. Harv Eker’s JARS Money Management System

Most people think that managing money is hard work. Most individuals look at how much money they have to manage and when things get tight, it’s about how much they make, not how much they manage. The truth of the matter is, how you manage your money plays a big part in how much it […]

From Down Under! My 10 Days Australia Holiday

As an Internet entrepreneur who has experienced much success, there are still times when I would want to just relax and take a break with the people I love. After all, that’s exactly one of the reasons why I chose to become an Internet entrepreneur, in order to be able to spend time with people […]

Why Online Branding Is More Effective Than A Piece Of Resume

In this day and age, everyone wants their dream job, whatever it may be. If you are set on reaching this job, then this article is for you. Honestly speaking, a good resume can only get you so far. Most people think that companies and organizations will pick their future employees based simply on what […]